Thursday, April 3, 2014

When YouTube and Real World Collide

I've been making vlogs for five years now.  It's not a 'hobby' to me.  It's something I do or think about daily.  It's a community of women that I interact with consistently.  It's part of who I am.  I love vlogging.

Yet, when I'm out and about with my family, it's never on the forefront of my mind.  I'm busy parenting, enjoying my husband and children, trying to remember everything on the Target list that we left at home, and occasionally whipping out the camcorder to capture cute moments - not because I see them as 'vlog worthy' but because I think my kids are cute and these are little moments I want to remember forever.

I've been approached by subscribers before - at county fairs, while out shopping, at consignment events, etc - and each time we're both a little awkward about it.  They usually talk in a hushed voice and explain that they know me from YouTube, and I'm momentarily stunned that someone is talking to me.

And then I realize how they know me and I am so excited to meet them.  Every. Time.

You see, I talk to a camera.
Over the years we've gotten comfortable with each other, but it doesn't talk back.
Then I type out conversations on Facebook, and click the like button on pictures of your children.
I read comments and type back responses to questions when nap time stretches long enough to allow it.
But rarely do I get to have a conversation with a real person that gets my little corner of the internet.

So last night we were at Target (I realize that I spend way too much time there, I do...), and Hannah was a little high energy, William's shirt was covered in soup - we had just had Lenten soup supper at Church and he really liked the tomato soup we brought, and Chris and I were joking around about everything.  Frankly, it was an average Bubblelush family outing.

This morning I get a private message from a sweet girl letting me know that she saw me at Target, but was too embarrassed to come over and say hi, and this isn't the first time I've gotten a similar message.  It happens way more often than I'd like.  So I figured I'd put it out there:

If you take time out of your day to watch clips of my family, or listen to my ramble about nonsense, or READ my ramblings of nonsense, and our paths happen to cross while we're both out living life - then please introduce yourself and let me thank you in person.

I'm not a big YouTuber by any means, but I have a great group of loyal subscribers.  And when you watch my vlogs and support my little Bubblelush World you give me the greatest gift I could ever ask for - you allow me to bring home a little paycheck from Google that pads the savings enough to allow me to be a stay at home mom - which has been my dream job since I was a little girl.  So when I have the chance to meet a subscriber in person and thank them for watching, it really gives me joy.

And trust me, I won't think you're weird for saying hi.
Remember, I'm the one talking to a camera in the basement.


  1. That was so sweet! If you're ever in Texas let me know. I'd love to meet you!

  2. Carla, your so sweet. It would be pretty awesome if we ever crossed paths.

  3. Big Internet Hugs!!! You are so sweet. It's Mary Peskypcos by the way

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