Monday, June 18, 2012

Cloth Diaper Sale - Part 2

A few weeks ago I attended the much anticipated dollar sale at the Vancouver, Washington CottonBabies store. I filmed my haul and was very surprised at the quality of diapers available in the discount piles.

As we were planning our girl’s weekend, I received an email from CottonBabies that they had additional inventory they wanted to sell and so they were going to have another Dollar sale on June 9th while the Seattle crew was in town. I quickly emailed everyone and we all bought tickets.

Knowing just how crazy and tightly packed the first sale was I offered for Chris to watch the kids while we shopped, and everyone took him up on the offer. Chris watched 6 kids under 2 for nearly 3 hours.
{Granted, we came home to find Wren sporting a black eye after bouncing off the blue dog and falling into the bookcase, but everyone was in good spirits and he hadn’t sworn off additional children, so I think it was an okay experience for everyone but sweet Wren.}

The second dollar sale wasn’t nearly as good as the first. The inserts were gone, the dollar diapers were in really rough shape compared to last time, and the rest of the discount diapers were ‘okay’ at best. We all found some good deals, but if it says anything – I only spent $20.

We all love the lovelace diaper by BumGenius – especially in FreeTime so that there’s no stuffing required – and couldn’t help but pose the girls & Ethan for a photo when we got home. If you’ve ever tried to wrangle 6 kids in a photoshoot then you’ll understand that THIS was the best photo I got, and it was thanks to Marie running outside and playing peek-a-boo with the kids through the window.

Fun fact – besides Ethan who is the oldest, all the girls are in birth order from the youngest, Elise, up to Scarlet, Wren, Hannah and then Leila - but that wasn’t planned.

See more footage from our time at the cloth diaper sale:


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