Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Worst} Employee of the Month

I really need to be a better employee.

I have such a bad attitude towards work right now.

I admit that I hate that I'm a working mother.

Just thinking that makes me feel guilty on so many levels.

I feel guilty that I'm not at home with Hannah.

I feel guilty that I'm not more focused while I'm at work
but all I want to do is get home to Hannah.

I feel guilty that I'm not more appreciative of the fact
that I HAVE a job that we NEED me to have.

Then I feel guilty that I wish I could put all the
income earning weight on my husband's shoulders.

It would be great if I was gracefully accepting the situation but,
at 4 weeks into my role as a working mother, I'm just not there yet.


  1. sorry about the mass quantity of comments - i really didnt know there was a blog! (and from the lack of followers and comments, it looks like i wasnt the only one that didnt know) anyway.. have you thought about getting sponsors and trying to work from home doing vlogs, blogs, and such? you've got so many people that just adore you, and other people do blogs as their job... that would be AWESOME!




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