Sunday, December 12, 2010

Party Animals

Tonight we hosted our first party as parents.

I really like to entertain and love reading hostess blogs for new tablescape ideas, but the thought of accomplishing all of this with a 2.5 month old was extremely daunting. Also, since we're the "new parents" in the group, Chris is concerned with not being hip anymore (not that he was all that hip before, but on occasion, he could be very cool. Do people say 'cool' anymore? Probably only unhip new parents like me.) ANYWAY I digress.

It was a holiday party for Christopher's coworkers and based on the previous culinary confections I had sent him to work with, the expectations were high. I made cake balls, homemade English toffee, triple chocolate chip cookies, whipped up a heaping punch bowl of Martha's egg nog (with 5 and a half CUPS of hard alcohol and a dozen eggs in it. YEOUCH!) and had a dazzeling Bellini bar set up.

I spent all day getting ready for the party, and yet my favorite part was listening to the overlapping conversations in the kitchen while having a silent one with Hannah in the nursery.

His coworkers are perfectly lovely and some are so funny that I cry from laughter, but nothing beats nursing my little party animal in her leopard print dress. She's so cute that I can't wait to have a whole house full of beautiful babies like her. Spaced out over years, not all in one pregnancy, please.

As we waved goodbye to the final guest, and with Hannah asleep in her crib, we deemed the night a huge success.




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