Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Behind the Scenes in Seattle - WITL 65

I really like this week's Week In The Life video (WITL 65) but we had such a great time and I took so much footage that I couldn't fit in some of the photos that we took on a trip to Seattle.  Like this gem:

If you haven't watched this video yet, make sure to check it out.  Hannah graduates preschool, we attend the annual company party at the Museum of Aviation, and then we spent Saturday morning at Pike's Place market watching them catch fish, drinking Starbucks and eating delicious pastries.  And at the end of it I got to stop in to Marie Bitsandclip's birthday party and finally meet her son Luca.  It was such a fun trip!

Here's Hannah hamming it up at a gas station just off I-5.

The museum had a retired commercial airplane, so we took a break from the dance floor to drink in first class.

William has this *thing* with taking off his socks and shoes the second your back is turned.  Hannah explains that he just likes his feet to be naked.  He's obviously my kid because I agree completely.

My mom's first time in Seattle.  She came with us to watch the kids while we were at the party.

An attempt to take a family selfie in front of the fish market.

Hannah rode on Christopher's shoulders and appreciated not 'staring at everyone's booties' as we walked the crowded aisle at Pike's Place.

The flowers.  Look at these!  Such a beautiful color.

Chris and the kids.  Hannah looks windswept and fabulous, and William refuses to smile.  
Both kids refuse to look at the camera.  It's a phase, right?  Right??

And this is what happens when I jump in the family shot.  William sticks his hand in Hannah's mouth and I look completely disheveled.  But we're all happy!

Marie was nice enough to share this shot of Luca and I.  
I can't wait to see her and her family again in August for vloggerfair!


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