Friday, February 24, 2012

Diet Day #2 - Coworker Sabotage Attempt

I'm fairly happy with how things went yesterday.
I find I snack a lot more on work days than on the weekend.
Probably the boredom of a long day at a desk, 
as well as the schedule I maintain - 
whereas on the weekends I'm so busy playing with Hannah and cleaning that I rarely plan my meals.

Today was tough.
There was a staff meeting - for our staff of 15 people.
And to bribe 15 people to show up apparently we need THREE dozen donuts, a dozen jumbo cookies, another dozen donutty things, and a pudding cake ring.
ugh.  No wonder I've gained about a million pounds since working here.

Photographic proof of everything that remained AFTER the meeting.
Which means that originally there was even more than this.
For 15 people.  
{insert witty yet tactful comment about starving 
kids in Asia and stupid American consumers}
No?  yeah, I couldn't think of one either...

6am - Breakfast.
  • Small smoothie
    • Frozen raspberries, frozen pineapple tidbits, plain yogurt, and ice with a splash of whole milk to thin.  Awful.  The raspberry seeds, the texture - everything was off.  I sipped it from 6am to 10am as I wasn't very hungry but I was trying to resist all the donuts in front of me during a long staff meeting.
10am - Snack.
  • 3/4 cup of Cottage Cheese
  • 1 Cutie orange 
12pm - Lunch.
  • Leftover Salad from Dinner
    • Greens with lots of orange bell pepper.  Chris made this for dinner, but we didn't eat it as I had WAY too much salad yesterday.  :)
  • Lentil Soup
    • This is from Trader Joes.  It comes in a plastic tupperware-type container with 2.5 Cups of soup.  I ate about half the container after I finished the salad and was stuffed.
3pm - Snack.
  • More soup
5:30pm - Snack.
  • Celery & Hummus
    • Chris suggested this and I thought he was nuts.  Turns out - not that bad.
6:30pm - Dinner.
  • Salsa, Cilantro, Lime slow cooker Chicken
    • Shredded and then served on lettuce leaves with a little shredded cheese on top.
    8:30pm - Dessert.
    • Sugar Free Jello Pudding
      • Caramel Mousse cup thing-a-ma-bobber.  It hit the spot but tasted more like butterscotch than caramel.  HEY!  don't pick on me.  I resisted donuts all day long.  Give me a fricken cup of pudding, okay?


    1. NICE job. Love the switch to whole milk. Keep going!

    2. i would have had no idea what a cutie orange is if you hadnt been eating one in your vlog the other day, that is such a cute name for them! in the uk they are just Clementines :) xxx

    3. Carla, sounds great what you are doing! Low Carb is the way to go to stay healthy and avoid any health problems. Take a look at the website "war on insulin" dot com-- Fantastic website. As a side note- because you are giving up unhealthy carbs like wheat, rice, potatoes and corn, your body needs fuel to run and that comes in the form of fat..I beg to argue that animal fat is a lot healthier than the man-made vegetable oils ( i mean how do you extract oil from corn?? weird) Anyways, my two cents worth of info.. I have been through two IVF/ICSI and one FET and will do another IVF/ICSI -- I have to have a baby but I am hopeful. Good luck on this diet and your family!

    4. Carla, when I was getting healthy trying for our first, i started doing a daily smoothie. I love raspberries, but i also dont like the seeds. I went through a lot of effort trying to get rid fo the seeds. what i ended up doing was on a day i had time, ( like weekend) in the summer we went and picked raspberries fresh, a ton of them! and then i pureed them up ion batches and put them through a seive/screen strainer( if you put it over a big bowl and tap on the bowl, most of it will go through pretty quickly). it didnt get all the seeds, but it got most of the seeds out but let most of the pulp get through. then i froze the puree into ice cubes that i could throw in the blender later. i did the same with black berries and strawberries. just an idea.

    5. Hello Carla, I have been on many diets some with success, some without but the weight always came back. May I suggest a "diet" (it's not really a diet more like a lifestyle change). It is called the Paleo diet. It's called Paleo because it is from the paleolitic time period. It was the period of time before all of this processed food. Now before I start telling you all of things you have to give up, I advise you to research this lifestyle fully before you commit. When most people here about what you have to give up, they're out. This diet was re-established by the crossfit community and has had stunning and long lasting results. I myself have tried it and will continue to do it as much as my cravings (currently pregnant) will allow. Ok... so basically you can eat lean meats, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and a little bit of dairy (optional). The big things you will have to get rid of is carbs, grains, and processed foods. This means no doughnuts, no bagels, no dinner rolls, rice, pasta, candy, etc. If you do the research you will see that most nutritionist agree that our bodies are not meant to process these items. These are human made items. Anyways, I could go on and on and on about it. It's a great diet though. I am currently eating grass fed steak, corn, and rosemary potatoes. All prepared myself. Check it out.




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