Thursday, May 20, 2010

25 Weeks!

If you could look in on her right now, you would be able to tell what color hair she was going to have (not saying much considering I had DARK hair as a newborn), and her hands are very busy exploring everything she can. Including punching me. or kicking me. I'm not sure which, but it's fairly nonstop. :)

•How far along?•
25 weeks

•Total weight gain/loss•
I think I've gained back 7 pounds, so I'm now down 2 from prepregnancy. Plus or minus a few sushi rolls. (I gave in from last weeks craving, but didn't eat any raw rolls).

•Maternity clothes?•
Should I be scared that some of my maternity shirts no longer cover the bottom 2 inches of my bump when smoothed over? (They're okay when allowed to just hang.) I knew having a long torso was going to cause this problem sooner or later. I just thought it would be later. :)

I'm so freakin' tired. Sometimes I'll be driving to work and I'll try to figure out how I can manage to take a nap at some point during the work day. I need more sleep and usually sleep for 11 hours at a stretch on the weekends. Something tells me I should enjoy that freedom now...

•Best moment this week•
We went to the BIG consignment event last night. (It's the one I bought Kylie's 6-9 month clothing haul at last fall). Chris and I did some serious damage :) However, even though I've been stalking the sale's website since January, mommy brain aparently caused me to forget to register as a first time parent so I didn't get a presale pass emailed to me earlier this week. So I called up the event coordinator and will now be working at the sale from 1-5 on Sunday to earn my presale pass. Somedays I'm amazed I can still function this pregnancy brain is getting so bad.

She's kicking right now. And she has the hiccups. She's had them all day. :) It's cute. But like my facebook status says - With hiccups, kicks and punches like these, I feel like I go through my day with a belligerent drunk in my belly. :)

•Food cravings•
Milk. Ice cream. Dairy.

I've noticed that the moment I feel myself getting hungry, I immediately start feeling the beginning of heart burn. Each night with dinner I have a huge glass of milk. I have to. It's out of control. Luckily I've only had one day thus far with full blown heart burn and, yes, I'm knocking on wood right now.

Team Pink.
Even if she turns out to be a boy, he'll still be dressed like a girl because this wardrobe is shaping up nicely. *wink*

•Labor Signs•
No. Ew. stop asking me that.

•Belly Button in or out?•
Shallower by the day.

•What I miss•
Being smart.

Seriously. I'm verging on retarded most days. Take the other morning for instance - instead of driving to my office in Vancouver, I drove to Christopher's store in Portland. I was literally turning on my turn signal to enter the parking lot at 6:30am when I asked myself "WTH are you doing?"

I was commenting on Katie's status message and kept asking myself 'Do you spell tweak Q-U-E-E-K or Q-U-E-A-K?'
It's T-W-E-A-K you moron.

•What I am looking forward to•
Finishing the nursery closet. It's completely emptied, the boards where the previous hanging rods were affixed have been removed and all the holes have been filled and sanded. I have a pint of eggshell white pain (NO MORE LIGHT YELLOW!) and so I just need to put on my paintin' shirt (which probably doesn't fit, so no one come over to watch the process because I'll probably get stuck doing it in a sports bra) and painting the interior. It's on the TO DO list for Saturday.

•Weekly Wisdom•
Chris needs a Honeydo List. That boy gets nothing done without a TO DO list.
As evident by his accomplishments during his weekend. Which are few. I think he pushed the GO button on the washer and roasted a chicken (no, not one of the baby chickens... which are getting SO big!).

105 days to go! and Visible kicks from the outside. Chris can barely feel them, but if you look, you can see them!




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