Thursday, May 6, 2010

23 Weeks!

•How far along?•
23 weeks

•Total weight gain/loss•
Down 5 lbs. Gain back 4ish

•Maternity clothes?•
I don't even remember what 'normal' clothes feel like.

I could use more.

•Best moment this week•
The Ultrasound! Seeing her in 3D was A-MAZE-ING!

She kicks multiple times a day, and if I poke her where she just kicked, she'll kick again...
Either she thinks it's a game
or she's silently yelling "don't TOUCH me!"
or she's just reacting to the stimulous.

•Food cravings•
Still love Jonagold apples, But I'm eating every 2 hours on the hour. STARVING!
And, as of 9:35am, I'm craving McDonald's Cheeseburgers again as if it's week 8 again.

Girl! Now confirmed by 3 doctors :)

•Labor Signs•

•Belly Button in or out?•
Shallower by the day.

•What I miss•
My patience. I have no patience for anyone at work anymore. I'm crabby. But I think it's just because my butt is so sore at the end of the work day. I'm currently bouncing on an under inflated exercise ball at my desk. It's really under inflated... like, my knees are at boob level. I've gotta find that pump STAT!

•What I am looking forward to•
It's supposed to be a sunshiney weekend, so I'll be cleaning up the nursery and getting it ready for some major construction. Okay, not major, but more than just paint.

•Weekly Wisdom•
My doctor was telling me about kick counts and Chris later asked "Do you really feel her 10 times in 2 hours?" He seriously has no idea how much I'm getting beat up from the inside out...

Chris and I bought everything to set up her closet! I can't wait to hang tiny clothing up once we're done!!




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