Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How Google's +1 Helps Bloggers

Similar to YouTube's 'thumbs Up', Facebooks's 'like' and Twitter's tweet "@", Google's new +1 button is your way of giving something your personal seal of approval.

By now you're probably seeing it on websites and blog posts, and you might be wondering what it's all about. Since it's connected to Google, by hitting that +1 button you're helping to improve this site's ratings which in turn increase the likelihood that this page will turn up as a result when someone submits an applicable search.

It's a way to weed out the good content from the spam websites that offer poor content or use lots of tag words. We're all familiar with TAG WORD abusers. They're the pregnant youtuber that includes tags like "boobs, boobies, sex, MILF, bare belly, belly shot" etc in their tags so that their view count would be increased by perverts with a pregnancy fetish. Websites can also take advantage of TAGS and include tags to increase their search rankings, even if their content has nothing to do with what you searched for.

To help combat this, Google changed it's algorithm and is giving you a voice. By clicking +1, you're letting Google know that this site is what it says it is - and it's awesome. It's your way of giving a site a digital Thumbs Up.

You'll find the +1 button at the end of each post and at the top Left hand column of this blog. I know lots of people read blogs and don't leave comments (I'm guilty of this too!), but I encourage you to take a minute and click the +1 button if you like what you've read. It's the same concept as giving a YouTube video a thumbs up but not leaving a comment.  It's like leaving a little Thank You - and we all appreciate thank yous!

My goal for my blog (and vlogs) is to offer hope and support to those facing infertility and to new moms that are trying to juggle everything.
By giving this blog a +1, you're making it easier for a woman that was just diagnosed with PCOS to find our YouTube community.
You're making it easier for a working mom to figure out how to continue breastfeeding by pumping at work.
You're helping the public discover how the new generation of cloth diapers work.
And, in a moment of panic, you might even help a mom figure out how to clean poop out of a bathtub. :)

So please take a moment and consider hitting the +1 button on my blog and any other blog that you like reading. Use the +1 button to raise awareness about charities, organizations and products that make your life better.

Take a moment to spread the love.
Bloggers everywhere thank you for it.


  1. Great post Carla! =1 for you. :)

  2. I must not know a plus sign from an equals sign. +1 OK, got it right that time. ;)

  3. I never thought I would see a post that included "MILF". hahaha and for that sister I give this post a +1. Well I also didn't understand the concept before you explained it. Thanks!

  4. +1'd you! :) cause you're awesome...

  5. Hellooooo! It's Louise from SprinkleofGlitter!
    Thanks ever so much for doing this post, as a fellow blogger, I'm glad people now have a bit more of a voice on the net! xxx




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